A New Cousin in May

Matt and I are excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby in early May!!!

Evan's Tornado TV Show

I was on the Weather Channel.  The show is "When Weather Changed History.".  It was about a tornado.  I got to wear my "baby shirt" because I was a 2 year old in the show.  And I got to wear my baby shirt and I really like wearing my baby shirt.  I liked how the dad said "Tornado!" like there was really a tornado.  I did not like playing "Patty Cake" because it was boring.  The director made me and Tessa play it again and again.  I like being on T.V. and being paid.

Me in my baby shirt.

Zack's visit October 4-7, 2008

Zack visited grandma and grandpa and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt this weekend.  We had a very busy and fun time.  A dragon almost ate our house  but fortunately we are protected by the spell cast by our Halloween decorations.  Good thing too since Aunt Jessica says damage by mythological creatures is not covered by insurance.

We took a trip to observe the Twin Grove Wind Farm just east of Bloomington.  Zack was dwarfed by the corn and the corn was dwarfed by the wind towers.

I like the signature photos

Thanks for choosing a young, thinish me!!

Who's the bearded guy in the CMS blog?


Uncle Ed is afraid of Fluffy !!!!

GG Visit

The kids and I had a really nice visit with GG over Labor Day weekend.  We haven't been to Muncie in over a year!

 kids and GG at IHOP

Oh and thanks for lunch Auntie Jill!  More pics in the galleries of this visit.

Link to Fluffy trailer

I can't get the link to work and just searching for Fluffy on You Tube isn't specific enough.  Will you check the link please?  Thanks

Untapped Fun at the Slumber Party

There was so much excitement with the Wii that we didn't get to all of the fun things that Matt and I had planned.  Just wanted to let you all know that we bought Lego Indiana Jones for the 360, and we will plan to send it home with Zack when he comes to Bloomington for his slumber party (date to be determined soon.)  Wanted to let everyone know so you didn't buy it too.  Tessa and I did not quite get to the jewelry making - but we can do that another time as well.  Thanks to Tessa and Evan for a fun time!!!

Tessa and Evan's visit and Evan's Wii pro bowler status

Evan scored 195 in Wii bowling.  He was rated a professional and got a beautiful blue sparkly virtual bowling ball.  Grandma and Tessa had to form a bowling team to outscore Evan he is that good!


bowling screencap

New pics uploaded

kids at hotel

Finally catching up with some new pictures and stuff.  As of about Spring of 2008.  New camera just holds too many pictures...

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