We've Been Hacked

 Somebody created an account and created some phishing redirects on our web page.  Therefore I have disabled user creation on this site.  Since we all use facebook and not this site anyway, nobody should need an account.  But, if you want one please send me an email.

My Big Band Compositions/Arrangements

There are my big band charts available for download:

 April in Paris (Lewis/arr. Newman)

Yeah and Baby  (Newman)

Site Status

The site has been re-branded for Summer.

Summer is finally here, and almost over

 Believe it or not this is the first day I've had off work to update the web site all summer!  The kids were all in plays which there are pictures here and there.


Spring Things

 Spring is here.

Why doesn't my heart go dancing?

Why isn't the waltz entrancing?

Grandma Bettie

 I just found out that Bettie Marie DeLap Abrams, a.k.a. GG, Grandma, Mom, passed away last night.  She will be missed.  Memorial arrangements are pending.

Bettie Abrams, 1920 - 2009.

Birthday Season

Repeat after me...10, 9 and 6.  10, 9 and 6...

Adding some more pics for the big birthday blowouts of 2009.  I'm proud of Grandma for learing to upload pics with my clunky upload widget!

Christmas stuff

Tessa's show has been the main event.  And Cheryl does most of the heavy lifting there, since she's driven to almost all of the performances.  But the boys have been busy too, Zack's in brick-and-mortar school now, and Zack and Evan did a recent feature-length film for Filmweaver's studio.

Plus, it's winter and there's snow!

No outdoor decorations this year, it was all we could do to get the Christmas tree up.

Thanksgiving 2008

Yup we're all kinda tired after a very nice Thanksgiving.

More pics uploaded in Galleries!

Halloween has come and gone...

Just uploaded some halloween pics (in the image galleries).


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